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Best Round Face Hairstyles Look for Men in 2024

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Men’s round face hairstyles are designed to elongate and balance the face shape by giving the impression of length and angles. Hairstyles that enhance facial definition, consist of shorter or attenuated sides, and feature a heightier crown, are frequently considered appropriate. Round features complement hairstyles such as side-parted pompadours, textured crops, short quiffs, and tapered fades, which contrast the top and sides and add vertical lines that elongate the face.

Additionally, longer, layered hairstyles with side-swept fringe can help emphasize a rounder face. Focusing on hairstyles that add height and definition rather than excessive width at the sides of the face is crucial for achieving a more appropriate and angular appearance. Remember to consult a stylist for specific advice, and consider textured crops, faded mullets, or classic side parts to complement your round face shape.

Here Are the Best 7 Round Face Hairstyles For Men You Can Try

Undercut with Textured Top:

The undercut complemented by a textured top is a multifunctional hairstyle that complements the features of men with round faces. The back and sides of this hairstyle are cut short, while the longer portion on the upper left is styled into textured layers or spikes. By creating the illusion of length and definition, the contrast between the short sides and the textured top makes the face appear slimmer.

Modern Mullet:

This fashionable design features an extended length atop short sides. By adding texture and volume to the crown, the mullet creates the illusion of more defined features on rounder faces. Exceptional for men with wavy or straight hair. Applying styling product, such as clay or wax, to the crown hair will add definition and texture.

Side-Parted Pompadour:

Round features are given height and structure by the side-parted pompadour, a timeless hairstyle. With a defined side part, this style entails maintaining lengthier hair on top, swept back or to the side. A refined appearance is achieved by the sleek sides and the volume at the top, which elongates the face.

Textured Crop:

Featuring textured layers, this concise hairstyle elongates a round face by adding height and definition. Complementary to the majority of hair varieties, particularly those in search of a low-maintenance style.

Styling Tip: Request that your barber apply textured scissors to the entire head of hair in order to attain a natural, full appearance.

Tapered Fade:

Men with round faces frequently opt for the tapered fade haircut on account of its refined and tailored aesthetic. A gradual reduction in length of hair is observed from the crown to the sides and back, while the hairline is tapered to achieve a seamless transition. As the lengthier hair on top adds volume and texture, the fade enhances the face’s definition.

Crew Cut:

The crew cut is a simple and low-maintenance alternative characterized by its brief perimeter and slightly extended peak. It complements the majority of face shapes, particularly round ones, and is ideal for straight-haired males.

Slicked-Back Undercut:

An undercut with a slicked back is an elegant hairstyle that can accentuate round faces. This style of hair is characterized by the back and sides being shaved short, while the crown is left lengthier and is pulled back with pomade or a slicked-back. The streamlined design of the style elongates the face, resulting in an appearance that is more angular.


In order to enhance the appearance of round features, these hairstyles incorporate structure, height, and definition into the hair. Personal style preferences, hair texture, and way of life are all crucial factors to consider when selecting the ideal hairstyle. Additionally, professional hairstylist consultations can assist in identifying the haircut that complements your facial shape the most.

Written by Vanessa May

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